Ultrasound Training

TUI Kickstart Program

Kickstarter Program: Imagine purchasing an instrument to find air leaks? Not knowing how to deal with ambient background or competing ultrasound noise can destroy momentum as you start an ultrasound program. Let Mister Ultrasound come onsite and introduce you to this technology. ........Call for a Quote today!

Ultrasound Level I Class

TUI Ultrasound Level I Course meet the requirements of the American Society of Non-Destructive Inspection (ASNT) and the Recommended Practice, SNT-TC-1A. As well as ISO-1843-6 (std for condition monitoring). Your site or ours, call for a Quote today. 

Ultrasound Level II Class

TUI Ultrasound Level II is taught by Mr. Randy Stiver of ASTAR, LLC, of Metarie, LA and myself. Randy is a gifted electronics technician, certified vibration technician and ultrasound technician. With the introduction of signal analysis into the ultrasound field, the TUI Level II includes signal analysis as part of the curriculum. 

Acoustic Lubrication Tech Course

I have been practicing Acoustic Lubrication since 1993 with a wide range of success. One customer boasted of 37% less motor maintenance after implementing acoustic lubrication as a condition based lubrication program. It is best to understand Acoustic Lubrication and the instrument before implementing as a condition based lubrication program. Live demo or video is provided in the classroom for this application. 

Ultrasound for Electrical Inspection

Ultrasound for Electrical Inspection is about SAFETY FIRST...Imagine scanning the outside of 4160 cabinet or even a 480v panel and hearing tracking or arcing? Knowing the makeup of your panel inside may alert you to a potential anomaly or concern. IR & Corona Cameras are line-of-sight, ultrasound is not. Ultrasound can detect corona at 1k or higher. Think SAFETY, think Ultrasound. My electrical inspection Trainer gives you all the sounds.

Leak Detection Applications

What ultrasound is most noted for is Energy Savings...just a few leaks can easily be your return-on-investment. Cryogenic gases, compressed air, pressure or vacuum, on & off line heat exchanger leaks, wind/water leaks (aviation/automotive), underground water/gas/steam leaks, etc...But if you don't understand ultrasound theory and sound wave behavior, you may miss more than you find.

A proven service provider


Jim Hall is one of those guys who gives much more than he takes in this world. More impressive was his evolution to one of the leading independent Ultrasound experts in the world today, providing training and assistance to all Ultrasound users regardless of what technology brand they use. He is a man of high integrity and honor and I am proud to call him a friend...Terrence OHanlon, CEO, Reliability Web and Uptime Magazine

Another Testimony:

Your course of instruction was an outstanding blend of theory and practical application. This excellent method results in people understanding the physics involved, and then applying what they learned under simulated or actual field environments they develop the confidence to apply what they learned independently. During the class, you were able to blend "War Stories" into the discussion. Because of your history with the major ultrasound instrument vendors and the extensive amount of hands-on field experience you have, you were able to answer application questions without hesitation. For me, and others in the class, it was a welcomed benefit to have someone who had intimate knowledge of equipment construction, operation, strengths and weaknesses of each of the common ultrasound instruments.  I will be pleased to recommend your training and consulting services to my clients and others. Well done... Mr. Tom Moriarty, PE, CMRP, CRL, President, Alidade MER, Inc.

Some of our clients:

Just to name a few...Alidade MER, Inc., CCWRD, Thyssenkrupp, Seminole Electric, Los Alamos National Laboratory, Savannah River Site, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, National Ignition Facility, Hawaiian Electric (HECO), Korean Hydro-Nuclear Power (KHNP), Newcrest Gold Mining, Georgia-Pacific, International Paper, Gerdau Steel, US Steel-Gary Works, AES, SCE, B Braun Medical, Johnson & Johnson - Vistakon, and more...

Corona Found in 115kv Cabinet

Ultrasound can detect corona, tracking & arcing. Corona at 1kv or higher. Unlike, IR & Corona Cameras, Ultrasound does not require line-of-sight. This 115kv cabinet was inspected closed and with ultrasound from outside the cabinet. Once, corona was detected, cabinet was opened and the stress cone failures were then identified with a corona camera. Stress cone vendor assumed all responsibility for failure. This cabinet was located on college campus with students walking nearby.