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Jim Hall, CRL, is Mister UItrasound and a Contributing Author to UPTIME Magazine


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Jim Hall, CRL, Executive Director

The Ultrasound Institute is about training others in the use of ultrasound for reliability maintenance. Offering Ultrasound Level I & II, Acoustic Lubrication, Mechanical Inspection and Electrical Inspection. Jim is a CRL and also a contributing author for UPTIME Magazine (ultrasound segment) since its inception.


For the first 20 who register for Ultrasound Level I & II ON-YOUR-SITE for 2018. Will receive a 45% discount. That's $8,999.00 plus expenses...Training must be completed by October 1, 2018. Must Register Now...Call Ph: 1-(888) 876-8635

Randy Stiver, ASTAR, LLC, Sr. Instructor

Randy Stiver instructs The UItrasound  Institute's Level II Course and Signal Analysis Course. Randy is a U.S. Navy Veteran and is a gifted instructor and electronics technician. Certified in Ultrasound Level I & II, Vibration Analysis I.  

The Ultrasound Institute

Over 30 years experience

With over 30 years experience instructing students in industrial and aviation maintenance. 

We deliver training from experience. 

Become an Ultrasound Inspector

We offer training for Acoustic Lubrication, Electrical Inspection, and Mechanical and Leak Detection through the ultrasound level I & II courses.

No Matter the Industry!

You cannot have a World Class Maintenance Program, without Ultrasound Inspection.

Ultrasound Training & Events


Phone: 1 (888) 876-8635

We are rolling back the Ultrasound Level I & II Pricing for ON-YOUR-SITE courses.

This offer is for the first 20 who register for Ultrasound Level I or II for 2018.

That's $8,999.00 plus expenses...

Already quoted? Just call for a "ReQuote".

Training must be completed by October 1, 2018.

Must Register NOW!!!

Get started with an Ultrasound-Kickstarter Program

Let Mister Ultrasound introduce and excite your technicians about the of ultrasound technology with on-site practical training, instrument familiarization & case histories before a Level I Course.

Whether a Kickstart or Level I or II, on-your-site or ours, learn from an experienced instructor.

My Latest Article "Ultrasound for Safety, If for Nothing Else"

Ultrasound for Safety…If Not for Anything Else...Is about getting you the reader, user, or practitioner to look at how this amazing technology should be more than just a leak detector. 

Acoustic Lubrication Guidelines for Rolling Element Bearings in Electric Motors

This guide was made possible by AMP and the Virtual Special Interest Group program Session Chaired by: Jim Hall and co-chaired by David Knisely  and 8 other engineers, practitioners and vendors. 

Scroll Down to "Download Documents" for your copy of Acoustic Lubrication Guidelines.   

Acoustic Lubrication

Implementing an Acoustic Lubrication Program as a condition based lubrication program...pays off! "One user claims 37% less motor maintenance since implementing," 

Available as a "Kickstarter Program"

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The Ultrasound Institute has joined the Reliability Leadership Institute Mapped Services and Training (MSAT) program designed to support organization that are using Uptime Elements Reliability Framework for Asset Performance as a strategy to deliver improvement to the triple bottom line of economic prosperity, environmental sustainability and social responsibility.


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Ultrasound for Reliability Training through Experience

Register to attend our Ultrasound Level I or II. Or, call for a quotation for an On-Your-Site Training Class.

The Ultrasound Institute

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